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Christmas Special 03 - The Baby.

I imagine it must’ve been quite tiring for My parents, after days of travelling on the road from Nazareth.

My parents, Joseph and Mary, had now arrived at Bethlehem. My mother was pregnant with Me, and she was about due anytime soon.

With the census that was going on and all, there were no guest rooms available for them to lodge in. A simple alternative would have to do…

Out in the fields, shepherds were keeping watch over their flock. It was a beautiful night. Apparently, they had an encounter with an angel. In fact, not just an angel, but a multitude of the heavenly host! What an experience that must’ve been for them! Imagine if an angel would’ve appeared to you and spoke to you directly. Imagine if you would’ve heard a multitude of angels praising God out loud! 🙂 If you think this was good stuff, the best was yet to come! 🙂

Hastily, the Shepherds rushed into Bethlehem, wanting to see the thing that had come to pass, which had been made known to them by the angel. They managed to find My parents, and… and… and something, or rather someone, wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.

Mmm, who might that be? Was it The Baby? Was it The Saviour? Was it Christ the Lord?

Yes, it was I. JESUS.




Reference: Matthew 1, Luke 2.