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In His Sandals

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As you may have guessed, IHS stands for ‘In His Sandals’; ‘His’ in this case referring to Jesus, our Saviour and Friend.

You might be wondering, why ‘In His Sandals’? In this section, we bring to you bible based stories / events from the point-of-view of Jesus, hence the title ‘In His Sandals’.

The articles on this page are meant to be read at a leisurely pace (not intended for express / speed reading). 🙂 So, feel free to brew a cuppa, sit back and have a sip while reading.

We hope you will have a blessed time with Jesus as you read the articles. 🙂

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IHS 01

THE Story

IHS 02

Breakfast with Peter

IHS 03

The Spit

IHS 04

It Is I

IHS 05

The Word Before The Bounty

IHS 06

The Son

IHS 07

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IHS 08

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IHS 09

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IHS 10

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