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IHS 01 - THE Story.

In the beginning…

I had created the heaven and the earth. 

In My image, I had made man. In My very own image.

In case you are wondering, that is why there is such beauty in nature and man.

The heaven belongs to Me, but the earth I have given to the children of men.

We had such a great relationship. I used to walk with man in the cool of the day, and we had such a good time together, until… Until the Fall, that is. Man had separated themselves from Me, and down through the ages, they continued on to do so.

I do so love them very much, and long for man to be reunited to Me again. To freely come to Me, to boldly come to Me, into a close fellowship with Me again.

For My love for them, I went down to man, in the image that I had made them. I cried with them, I laughed with them, I ate with them, I walked with them, I prayed with them, I chatted with them… And I died for them.

You might ask, ‘Why did You die for them? Why should You die for them?’ To take the diseases, so man does not need to be sick anymore. To take the curses, so man does not need to be cursed anymore. To take the punishments, so man does not need to be punished anymore. To break down the barrier, so man does not need to be separated from Me anymore. To take away sin, so that man can be the righteousness of God in Me. All these, because I love them so…

It is finished. The veil of separation has been taken away between you and Me. Reconciliation, it is done.

Just believe…




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